Application Development

Open Source Rapid Software Development

ZERONE delivers IT solutions to your organization that provide immediate, measurable business value. Specializing in enterprise level web-based applications and reporting systems, our focus is to design robust systems that enable you to easily manage your information.

Emphasizing open source technologies, we deliver low-cost, maintainable solutions that comply with industry standards. Utilizing flexible architectures, we develop systems that can be modified to your ever-changing needs in days; not the weeks or months required by many over-complicated legacy applications.

ZERONE provides you with:

Complete Software Lifecycle Support
ZERONE specializes in web-based applications, primarily focused on enterprise portals, reporting systems, content management, logistics and training. Our skilled teams can provide you with architectual assessments, rapid prototyping and proofs of concept, and performance throughout the full software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis, through construction, implementation and maintenance.
Rapid Software Delivery

On a typical project, we deliver via a series of quick iterations. Each iteration is a mini project of its own, which includes requirements planning, architectural design, delivery, testing and documentation.

Our agile, iterative approach prioritizes your needs, with essential functionality typically delivered in the first iterations, and additional features provided in subsequent iterations. Your risks are reduced, and you gain the added benefit of staying informed of timelines and investments, providing you the opportunity to better manage your budget as your software projects progress.

We can readily interface with other software development methodologies that may be used in your organization, such as CMMI and RUP. Our PMI and Scrum certified personnel have experience using proven techniques and repeatable processes that conform to your organization's engineering requirements.

Open Source Technologies
Intelligent use of proven, reliable, open source technologies will help you greatly reduce costs and minimize risks. Through the use of existing frameworks and development tools, we can help you avoid excessive software overhead cost and vendor lock-in. Our experience with the open source tools and projects that have a history of delivering solid, dependable software with widespread industry support will give you the peace of mind and reliability far exceeding many COTS products.