Instructional Design, Training and eLearning

ZERONE provides you with cost-effective solutions for your training needs. Superior learning and training help you improve organizational performance by building your teams' skills and knowledge. Our instructional design methodology uses a systematic approach to determine your training and performance needs. We help you select the best delivery solutions and develop training content and assessments that ensure performance, not just knowledge.

ZERONE can help you to:

Build a superior learning and performance optimization strategy
ZERONE uses the ADDIE (Assess, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) and Dick and Carey models of systematic instructional design. The Dick and Carey model improves upon ADDIE, in that it details the further goal setting and assessment steps for achieving performance based results.
Select the best delivery solution
ZERONE can help you determine the proper delivery solution for your needs. We provide expertise in choosing from eLearning (Web-based and Computer-based), classroom or workshops, blended, or Just-In-Time - Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) and job aids.
Create Custom Courseware Content
We develop custom courseware that serves your needs in the training of system usability, policies and procedures, and soft skills.
Convert existing Courseware
Use our fundamental understanding of instructional design and established standards to convert your existing electronic courseware, paper and classroom-based courses, such that your existing investments can be re-used, repackaged or redesigned to work in new technical environments and Learning Management Systems (LMS).
Build in Section 508 Compliance
Use us to help you achieve conformance with Section 508 mandates as well as develop Section 508 compliant courseware that will accommodate your users with disabilities.
Leverage open source tools to reduce the costs of delivering your content
ZERONE makes use of open source tools that can significantly decrease your costs. This is particularly valuable when you are facing tight budgets and licensing issues for immediate deployment needs.
Integrate your training into your organization's infrastructure
We can assess your current infrastructure for instructional support, integrate Learning Management Systems, provide tie-ins to legacy data systems, and provide smooth transitions or cost-effective interim solutions when moving from the old to the new.