Project and Technical Staffing

Short and Long Term Staffing Solutions for your Organization

ZERONE provides flexible and cost-effective resources to help you meet your project deadlines. Our teams can assist you with both short and long term project needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best. You can enjoy the following benefits when you staff through ZERONE:

Staffing Flexibility and Versatility
It is difficult to maintain the diverse skill sets required for today's projects solely within your in-house staff. ZERONE's staffing services provide you the flexibility gained from immediate staff augmentation, without the delays and administrative headaches associated with in-house recruiting and retention. You gain the flexibility of staffing for short term projects without long term commitments, and the versatility of selecting the specialized skill sets that you may need, only when you need them.
Skilled Staff Selection
ZERONE selects the professionals that will be staffing your projects leveraging the same tools and techniques used for our own internal staff selection:
  • Project requirements analysis and refinement to ensure we are providing the right resources for your needs
  • Accelerated candidate search tools are used to obtain the largest pool of qualified candidates available as quickly as possible
  • In depth technical screening and testing by technical staff to ensure that candidates have the required skills for your project needs
  • Use of psychometric tools to predict a satisfactory performance outcome in your environment
Focus on Staff Retention
We help you achieve high staff retention rates by paying attention to your own unique culture. We seek candidates that are looking for a career and have a passion for the service that they perform, rather than someone who is simply looking for a job.
Management of the Staffing Process
You are guaranteed a high priority for staffing your projects. We strive to make it easy for you, working to reduce your total costs, eliminate paperwork, and provide a solution quickly for your immediate needs. We are dedicated to the ongoing success of your projects, and continue to work hard for your satisfaction long after the position is initially filled, ensuring that your performance expectations are exceeded.